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From The Desktop of Mk Akan.

Mk Akan

Dear marketer,

Do you constantly struggle to focus and get things done in your online business?

Are you scared of failure and because of that you procrastinate and delay taking action?

Is your productivity low because you easily get distracted or suffer from ADD?

Would you love to finally take over your time, regain your focus, overcome fear of failure and start taking daily action guaranteed to double your revenue and profit money in your business?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above then I have good news for you.

In the next 5 minutes, you will discover how to finally kill procrastination, regain your focus, blast away distractions, overcome the fear of failure and finally double or triple your productivity in your business.

You'll discover proven ways to finally get "money generating work" done in your business.

You’ll finally become FOCUSED or finish your products, create content , build websites, build your list or do the important work needed in your business.

You’ll discover how to be focused and grow in your business…even if you’re a newbie.

Here’s My Personal Story

My name is Mk Akan.

I started my online journey way back in 2008 and struggled for a long time without making any dollar.
I later knew what I needed to do :build an audience and make offers to them.

But even after I knew this , I procrastinated for a long time for many reasons.

The big one was my mindset. I had self doubt and was unsure I could do things right.

For example.

I joined the warrior forum in 2009 but never launched any product. I didn’t launch any WSO because I was scared of failure.

I kept thinking about ...

“What people would say if i made mistakes?”

“If people don't buy it?”

“People asking for refunds?”

"What if no one buys it?"

This self-doubt affected all parts of  business.

  But Now Everything Has Changed.

I am more productive .I don't procrastinate anymore.

I now help other marketers make more money in their business. See what my customers say about me and my products.


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I am not the most productive person in the world. But I discovered some hacks and tricks For boosting my productivity.

Some are daily rituals.

Some are mind-set hacks. Some just require doing things differently.

Some you may know, some you may have never heard of.

I have now launch different products as WSOs.Some products are on JVZoo and other market places. 

Am not saying all this to BRAG.I just want you to see

My goal is 52 products in the year 2015. Slowly am getting there.

So How Do I Now Stay Focused And Productive?

First, I worked on my self-beliefs.

Then I developed productivity hacks and shortcuts for every single part of my business.

For example, you’ll discover my product creation shortcuts and hacks.

You’ll discover how to blast away distractions and remain focused in your business.

You’ll discover how to leverage your time and get a lot more done in your business.

You’ll discover tools you can use to force yourself to be productive.

You'll  simple ways to save time and DOUBLE your productivity.

I have compiled all these productivity hacks, tricks and secrets into a new course titled …

IM Productivity Accelerator

productivity cd

In this course, you’ll discover the following …

  • How Facebook can double your productivity  (You can’t guess this in a million years) (see page 16)
  • Simple ways to save time daily in your IM business ( These simple tips can save you up to 2 hours daily)
  • How smart marketers take care of tasks they can’t handle or hate to do. (Start doing this and your productivity will explode overnight) (see page 10)
  • Simple daily activities that accelerate productivity (
  •   These 3 shortcuts helps you get anything done in your Business and how to get started Right Now
  •     2 FREE tools that kills distractions online .(Use this today and see how you productivity multiply) (see page 25)
  •       How to remain focused and motivated daily even when success remains elusive (see page 4)
  •    Time saving hacks , tips and tricks that can save you 2- 4 hours daily (perfect for busy people who have day time jobs) (see page 29-30)
  • Common productivity mistakes internet marketers make and how to avoid them
  • One way to overcome the fear of failure. ( This super simple tip builds your confidence and  fires up your productivity)
  • 1 common mistake that stops marketers from finishing their projects…and how to trick your brain to force to complete it (see page 18)
  •   How to be consistent and focused on any chosen business model (This kills ADD and buying *Bright Shiny Objects*)
  • How to kill the biggest source of online distraction in 1 simple step (see page 14)
  • A simple tip from Physics guaranteed to help you become more productive daily (see page 8)
  • This simple action done with your hands, forces your brain to think up solutions and forces YOU to take action daily(see page 10)
  • How changing the size of a project can explode your productivity instantly (This little brain trick will make you wake up ready to take action) ( see page 11 for details)
  • How to overcome the fear of failure and become confident and take action daily in your business
  • The 1 T Formula – use this simple formula to increase your productivity daily. (see page 12)
  • How to eliminate self-doubt and fear stopping you from taking action in your business (Imagine being 100% confident about your success)
  • 15 simple ways to kills distractions and double your productivity starting from the next hour
  • 2 simple productivity hacks that saves time and increases your productivity ( see page 28-29)
  • Simple shortcuts for working on specific parts of your business like creating landing pages, writing emails , creating products and (see page 28 -  page 29)

So How Much Is This Course? ...

Let’s first think about the value of what you are getting.

How much will you make in your business if you could regain your time and become more focused and productive? 

For most people they would easily double their income.

So if you could move from $0 - $10 a day or move from $50 - $100 a day or even move from $100 to $200 a day , how much would you value that?

How much would you pay to get that kind of progress or results? 

Just 1 tip you discover here can double your productivity and income.

You would readily pay $197 or $97.

There’re seminars and programs sold for $497 that teach people how to be productive and focused. 

But you won’t pay that much for this.

Get All These Productivity Secrets For Just…
IM Productivity Accelerator [PDF+Audio+Bonuses]

This is the complete package.

You get the PDF report, an audio recording revealing the content of the report and more ways to become more productive.


Order NOW and get access to a SPECIAL bonus.

This special bonus report contains links to softwares , tools , videos and more resources guaranteed to BOOST your productivity from the very hour you apply them

Just One Tip Can Boost Your Productivity And Make You More Money.

Click The Yellow Button, Enter Your PayPal Details And Complete Your “Risk Free” Order.

IM Productivity Accelerator [PDF+Audio+Bonuses]

If you delay you’ll pay more because this is a dime sale. 

You order is 100% RISK FREE Because...

You Are Protected By A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Meaning try it for 60 days. Get the training, read it and use it. If your productivity does not improve or you don’t get value for your money. Please ask for a refund. You’ll get your money back.

No questions asked.

Your order is totally “risk free”. You can’t lose.

Click The Yellow Button Below, Enter Your Details And Make You “Risk Free” Order.

IM Productivity Accelerator [PDF+Audio+Bonuses]

Make This Year Your Successful Year Of Action

Order this course now so you can make this year a more productive and successful year.

It’s time to finally start making more money in your business. It’s time to finally reap from the different investments you made in your business.

Imagine having the confidence to launch your products and finish your projects. Imagine your income increasing daily as you fearlessly take action.

Imagine having all the confidence to pursue your goals…and do so with laser focus.

You wake in the morning all gingered to get to work done. You make goals, pursue them and achieve them.

When you discover the secrets of being focused, overcoming procrastination and getting more work done, this will be your reality

And this is exactly what you get from IM Productivity Accelerator

Order IM Productivity Accelerator And Get Started Now.

IM Productivity Accelerator [PDF+Audio+Bonuses]


You know how important this is being productive is. You have seen how boosting your productivity and being focused can impact your income and the lifestyle you crave.

 Productivity is not just about working your daily. It’s about achieving goals. It's about making the money you want to live a life of freedom . It's abotu satifaction and achieving success in your internet business .

But all these will only happen when you ACT NOW. It’s now time to take action.

You Have 2 Options …

1.     Close this page and go back to struggling to get work done in your business. Go back and continue procrastinating and wasting time. Go back and watch your time get sucked away by fear or failure and the black hole of distractions.

Or ….

2.     Order IM Productivity Accelerator NOW and finally regain your time and focus. Get Get it and finally start getting things done in your online business. Start reaping the fruit of your labour and double your income in the process.

It’s time to take action. Do it NOW.

IM Productivity Accelerator [PDF+Audio+Bonuses]

      Mk Akan

Mk Akan

PS-This training reveals how you can double your productivity, demolish procrastination and stay focused in your internet business.

PPS- You’ll finally overcome procrastination caused by fear of failure. If you are a newbie you’ll kill the self-doubts that bring inaction. 

PPPS-You are covered by a 60 day money back guarantee so you get to try this for 60 days and see your productivity zoom or you get your money back