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“How To Generate An ATTRACTIVE Ebook Cover in 17 Minutes Or Less …Using 100% FREE Tools Already Installed On Your Computer”

…No SUPER Graphic Skills REQUIRED

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From Mk Akan,

Mk Akan

When I told Mark …

“You can generate a stunning eBook cover without using any special software.  But with a simple TOOL already installed on YOUR laptop or my laptop”.

He thought I was just hyping and making noise. 

So I grabbed my laptop , opened  it and showed him some of the ebook covers created with my SUPER simple, Super-fast METHOD. 

He turned and looked at me stunned. I smiled ;) 

You see, every time I see the launch of a new ecover software , I just grin and say... 

"People don't KNOW my SECRET". 

You see for the last 3 years I have NEVER used any software for creating ecovers. All I do is use my secret method.

Take a good look at these different e-covers below. What do you think of them?








And Guess What?

YOU too can also generate these quality ecovers using the FREE software already installed in your laptop or desktop.

Yep. I am SERIOUS. ;)

If you have a Microsoft or an Apple computer then YOU already have the FREE tool needed to generate stunning and professional looking ecovers. 

No need for expensive softwares.
All you need is the secret you'll soon discover. 

And today you’ll discover these secrets and will start generating your own ecovers.


 No Special Graphic Design Skills REQUIRED

 With this simple method you don't need …

… to be a GRAPHIC designer or super graphic design skills

...any other special tool or expensive software  

…to pay anyone to generate your ecover

…quickly publish your books and avoid waiting for the graphic artist to send your e-cover


So Why Do You Even Need To Bother with a Professional Looking ECovers?

People Usually Judge A Book By Its Cover,

This is 100% true.

Your readers can reject your product or kindle book if the e-cover does not look professional.

It doesn’t matter what’s in the book.

It doesn’t matter if you spent 100 years creating it. Your readers will just judge it on the spot by just looking at the e-cover.

Subsequently, readers and buyers are attracted to a professional looking e-book covers.

So here’s the truth.

So If You Want More Sales For Your Product Or Book…Get A Good ECover Made.

…and that’s where the trouble starts.

If you can use CorelDraw, Photoshop and have graphic skills…then you are covered.

But if you are like me…with low graphic skills, you are left with 2 choices.

1.     Hire A Graphic Designer

 Which is exactly what I first did.

When I started, I hired a graphic artist on to create e-covers for me…but after a while …the cost began to pile.

I don’t know if you use Fiverr (or hire people using other platforms) …but the outsourcing process can be time consuming and expensive especially for a starter .

Soon …paying $5, $10, $20 or $50 per e-book cover will pile and cause a huge dent in your wallet.

 But Apart From the Cost, There Are Other Issues Associated with Outsourcing e-book Cover  

The first guy I hired took hours and days to complete and send me a draft (not to even talk about completing the work)

Now …wouldn’t it be better if you could get a professional e-cover done in 10 -17 minutes?

2. The Second Option Is Software

…But Creating ECovers With Software Can Also A Big Pain Too.

Most of them are very expensive (from $27 up to $97 and may require a steep learning curve)…some are cheap but are difficult to use.

Some require training.

Some are locked into a membership where you have to pay monthly or yearly to have access.

So creating e-books cover using these other methods is expensive and time consuming.

Wouldn’t you prefer a cost effective way to create professional looking e-cover …in minutes …without wasting money on software.

And without wasting time struggling to learn how to use the software?

Well, That Is Exactly What This E-Cover Creation System Reveals To You

Introducing …

The PPSC Method


This simple step by step PDF course reveals how to generate professional looking ecovers using nothing but free tools already on your computer. And it takes only 10- 17 minutes to generate a great looking ecover.

All you need is a laptop or computer and the secrets you'll discover here.

The course comprehensively explains each step with clipped images.This means you you can’t miss a thing or make mistakes.

You can quickly finish the training in 5- 10 minutes then immediately generate your ecover the next minute.

It's so easy to understand and fast to implement.


Alright, How Much Does It Cost?

You see most people pay $10- $50 to get an ecover designed for them.

So if you create 1 new book every month. And you hire a graphic artist at an average per ecover per month. This would cost you a total of  $120 to $600 a year.

Now, how much would you pay for a solution that stops you from losing $120 to $600 every year?

Well, for less than $10 you can start creating UNLIMITED e-covers for 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 years. And finally stop losing money to outsourcers and wasting time on annoying software that takes ages to learn and use,


Click The Yellow Button , Enter Your Paypal Address
and Download This secret NOW

 $17 $7

Let’s Recap…

If you order right now you get…

1.     A complete course in PDF revealing my PPSC Method for creating high quality kindle e-covers using 100% free tools already installed in your computer.

You will also discover…

2.     Best website to download high quality royalty free pictures you can use for creating your kindle cover and kindle book content

3.     Ready-made, amazon kindle size compliant  templates that you can easily edit to create multiple and different kindle covers in minutes

Click Here To Download Now $17 $7

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(Ecover Templates)

When you Order right NOW you’ll get access to an Ecover TEMPLATE with ready-made ecovers you can edit and use. All you do is type your own words and generate your own ecover.

This saves time and will help generate ecovers 10 times faster.

So not only will you discover how to generate ecovers with FREE tools, you'll also download an ecover template that makes the process 10 times easy and FASTER. 

So How Else and Who Else Can Benefit From The PPSC Method?

Although I have been talking about just ecovers , here are other ways you can use it.

1.     If you are a graphic artist you can use this to create kindle covers for others for a fee. (Think Fiverr, ODesk and other outsourcing services)

2.     You can still use this to generate e-covers for other e-book platforms like kindle, nook, lulu, and even for physical books on Createspace and other places that sell stuff.

So like you can see the value, and use of this course is not just ebooks.

Click Here To Download You Copy Now

30 days

And You Are Covered By My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

So if you order this course and do everything revealed in it …and within 30 days you are not able to create a professional looking ecovers…please ask for your money back.

 I will refund it.  No questions asked.

Are You Still Contemplating?

Are you thinking if you really need this?

Perhaps you have bought software for creating your book ecovers already…

Or perhaps you are fine with paying outsourcers money to build e-covers for…


Nothing is wrong with that.

You can still order this ebook.

Extra knowledge does not hurt …and you may actually get to use it when you are in a BIG HURRY.

You never know. So get it NOW.


Mk Akan

PS- Don’t forget you are getting a simple system that reveals how to generate professional ebook covers using nothing but free tools already on your computer.




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