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“Finally, These 7 Simple Email Writing Formulas And Templates Helps Newbies GENERATE Sales And Profits Daily”

(And It Works Even If You Suck At Copywriting, Hate To Write Or Don’t Know Anything About Your Niche)

Mk AKan

Dear friend,

Have you ever struggled to write an email to promote an offer?

Have you ever read an email so good it sucked you in,and bugged YOU all day till you ordered what was sold?

Would you love to have that kind of POWER.Finally, you double sales and make 10x more profit from your email marketing?

If yes...then this will be the most important page you read today.


...Because in the next 15 minutes, you’ll discover 7 Secret Formulas for generating POWERFUL “cash pulling” emails , in 7- 17 minutes , for promoting any offer in any niche.

With These New 7 Quick Email Formulas, You’ll Never Worry About Crafting Profit Pulling Emails.

And you can do it even if you don’t know anything about copywriting or hate to write.

After discovering these simple email secrets, you'll never scratch your head or struggle to come up with emails for promoting your offers or any affiliate offer.

Frankly, this may sound very exciting and incredible especially if you presently have difficulties with crafting profitable emails.

But after you discover these email secrets, your life and income will change. 

Before I reveal these secrets, here’s a short story about me.

A Short Story About Me.

My name is Mk Akan.

Mk Akan

  Over the last 3 years I have helped small businesses and individuals make more money using my products, services and my coaching.

See what some of my clients say about my products.


test 2

test 3

test 4

Over the years, I have built a list of 4219 subscribers and now effortlessly send daily emails, promoting my products and affiliate offers.

email list size

But You Know, A Few Years Ago This Was Not The Case

I remember how scared I was about building my list.

I kept asking myself these questions:

“What do I mail my subscribers “

“What do I write?”

I delayed building my list but one day.  I just took the bull by the horns and started building my list.

It was not easy though. I struggled to write emails.

Because of that I was not making the money people kept saying about email list.

You know the truth?

The Money Is In The Emails You Send To You List.

Check this out.

If a man has a list of 100 000 subscribers and does not send emails for a year. And another guy has a list of 1000 subscribers and he sends emails, the second guy will make money.

The first guy won't.

This is because money is made when people buy and not just having an email list.

And people BUY when…

You Write And Send Emails That Persaudes Them.

But that’s where the problem starts.

If you don’t know how to craft high converting emails, you leave money on the table.Worse, YOU may even ruin your list.

And no, I am not talking about sending content emails to subscribers.I am not talking about sending emails using content you got from a PLR.

I am talking about sending emails strategically to persuade people to BUY.They buy even as you teach, entertain and add value to their lifes.

And YES...

If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing You’ll Burn Your List, Kill Your Open Rates And Sales.

So when I started building my list, I had to face these same issues.

Some days I would stare at my laptop for hours because I didn't know what to write.

But Everything Changed When I Did 2 Things

1.     Studied Copywriting And Email Copywriting

I studied the master copywriters. Old school direct marketers and read their books. I read courses and all kinds of resources ranging from videos, podcasts, and articles on the subject.

2.    I  Paid Attention To Emails In My Inbox

I subscribed to various copywriters and studied their emails like a hawk.I also studied their courses and slowly…

I Began To See The Different Email Marketing Formulas They Used

Over the years I have used these same formulas to craft my emails.

There're many of them.  

But today you’ll discover 7 Of The Most POWERFUL Templates And Formulas you can instantly use to craft unlimited emails to promote any offer. These emails will pull in maximum sales and profit for YOU.

I have done all the hard work for YOU.

I have distilled these formulas into a manual for you.

This manual is titled …

7 Quick Email Profit Formulas

(How To Generate "Profit Pulling Emails" To Doubles Sales And Profits In Your Business)



This short manual comes with email templates, live examples and step by step instructions on what each email formula is and how to write it in minutes.

I have done all the work for YOU. All you do is read an email formula, then use it instantly to craft emails for any kind of email marketing campaign you like.

You can use these 7 emails to craft a cash sucking 7 day campaign for your offers or affiliate offers.

You Can Use It To Craft 100s of Emails in Your Autoresponder Funnel.

You can use it to promote any product or service in any niche.

Inside the manual you’ll discover…

  •       The ultimate email marketing principle and how to use it to craft super profitable emails that gets subscribers to like you, trust you and constantly BUY from you
  • The first and most important thing you need to do before you write any line of email  (get this wrong and all you efforts may fail)
  • The one and most powerful marketing RULE you must follow so your marketing efforts becomes 10x profitable (even the top copywriters respect this rule 100%)
  • The Preacher Email and how you can use it to build trust, get subscribers to like you and BUY from YOU 
  • A powerful email formula, so powerful  it disturbs your reader all day, forcing them to become so curious till they finally buy whatever you promote
  • How to use simple stupid stories from your life and from other sources to promote and double sales of whatever you promote
  • Something you can attach to your email to instantly engage your subscriber , get then TRUST you and BUY from me
  • A Super Powerful Way to promote anything you have BOUGHT. (So powerful it zooms the trust your subscribers have for you and double sales , any time you use it)
  • 11 Live email examples you can COPY or model in writing your own emails

So Mk How Much Do I Pay To Get These Results?

Before I reveal the price, I need you to really understand the value of what you’re getting.

First, do you know how much people pay to get quality emails written for them?

People pay top copywriters $100 - $1000 for a single email. (even more)

(See an example from the image clipped from a page online)

email cost

 You know why?

…Because A Well Written Email Is An Asset.

You can use it over and over again, even for years, to pull in sales and profit to your business.

Even on places like Elance and ODesk, people pay $10- $50 per email …because it is an asset.

email proof odesk

So when you discover these email secrets and finally craft these powerful emails, you not only save yourself from losing lots of money , you also start making maximum money from your business. 

So instead of paying $50- $1000 for emails, you’ll craft these emails yourself.

And get this …

When you finally know these email writing secrets, you’ll use it over, and over again.


You’ll use it for offer after offer, product after product and for anything you want to promote.

So How Much Would You Value That?

You can agree I could easily charge $199 for revealing these 7 emails types.

But guess what, all you pay is $199 $49

For just $49 you’ll discover how to double sales and make 10X your profits using 7 powerful emails formulas.

But If you order NOW, I’ll knock off another $20, so you can have this for just $29.

At this price you’re paying $4.142  per email type ($29 /7) to double your sales and profits.

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This ensures these email formulas become part of you and can be deployed anything you want.

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This 20 minutes audio mp3  reveals how to shoot up your email open rates , get more people to read your emails and buy more from YOU...using simple , easy-to-implement tips. 

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Meaning just try this manual for 180 day, if you don’t increase your sales and profits using these 7 simple email formulas, then please ask for your money back.

I am so confident you will love this manual so I guarantee after reading the first 5 pages of the manual, you will be able to craft a money pulling email.

If this does not happen, please ask for a refund. You’ll get it without question.

As you can see, you have nothing to lose but all to gain.

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As you can see, these secrets will double your profit and income.

Just imagine never worrying about what to write again.

You could see a new product today, in a totally strange niche. And in 7 minutes, (using these email formulas), you craft a profit multiplying email.

Imagine waking up to see your email box flooded with sale notifications all from an email you wrote the day before.

Just imagine how fast your business, confidence and profits will grow.

This Is What This Manual And Special Bonuses Will Do For You.

But you need to take action right now.

You Have 3 Options

Option 1

Ignore this offer. Close this page then go back to struggling to craft winning emails. Go back to having mediocre results and leaving money on the table.  Keep using trial and error to send emails that will eventually burn your list and slowly destroy your business.


Option 2

Do what I did. Go buy the best books on copywriting and email marketing. Spend months studying the masters. Spend money on different copywriting courses and email marketing trainings.

Subscribe to top copywriters and spend months studying their emails. Reverse engineer what they write.

In a few months you can finally learn how to craft these emails.But you and I know how stressful , expensive and time consuming that will be.

The best option is...

Option 3

For only $199, $29, save time and energy, and finally double sales and generate more money from your list using these POWERFUL emails secrets.

For only $29 these secrets will remain with YOU and will be used again and again for years, to increase sales in whatever business, promotion, niche or market you are in.

For just $29, you never have to pay anyone $100, $200 or $1000 to craft emails campaigns for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.               I Don’t Have Copywriting Skills, Will This Work For Me?

Yes. You don’t really need copywriting knowledge to follow these 7 formulas because I explain everything to you in a details.

Sure. Having copywriting knowledge is a plus. But it’s not necessary here.  This program was created for people who don’t really have super copywriting skills.

2.                Can I Use These To Sell My Own Products?

Yes you can. Each of the 7 emails will double sales of your own offers. You can use it to promote your digital products, physical products or any kind of service whether online or offline.

3.                 Can I Use It To Sell Affiliate Offers?

Yes you can. Each of the 7 email formulas will also double sales of any affiliate promotion. It can be effortlessly used to promote any kind of affiliate offer.

4.               Can I Use It To Create An Autoresponder Follow Up Sequence?

Yes you can. You can craft 7, 21, 47 or unlimited email follow-up and fill up your autoresponder funnel with cash generating emails.

You can craft powerful emails that automatically generate sales daily.

Click The Yellow Button Below, Complete Your Order And Start Doubling Sales With Cash Generating Emails.

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Mk Akan

Mk AKan

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