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"You Can NOW Generate QUICK Sales Letters Using These POWERFUL Copywriting SECRETS"

...These SECRETS Will Help You Generate Winning Sales Letters In 2, 3 Or 4 Hours, Even If You Have Never Writen One Before

Dear friend,

In the next 5 minutes you'll gain access to a "rare cheat sheet" with a compilation of the most useful, simple to understand articles , audios, videos and PDFs files . 

This "cheat sheet" contains the most powerful copywriting secrets known to man.

These secrets will empower you to write "high converting" sales letters that persuades people to buy your products and services in any niche.

After you download and use this cheat sheet you'll know EXACTLY what to do with every copy project. 

You'll NOW know how to start writing copy, where to get information , what to avoid, what to test and all you need to know and do when writing a sales letter (squeeze pages or anything related).

So whether you are new to copywriting (or know nothing about copywriting)...

Or you are struggling to write a high converting sales letter for your product...

Or you want to discover the secrets of crafting killer sales letters or anything related to copywriting... 

Or you just want to improve your copywriting skills by "mastering" other copywriting secrets...

 ...then read this page carefully.

What you’re about to discover will transform you from a clueless copywriting newbie (who knows nothing about copywriting ) to a marketer who can now craft a good sales letter in less than 3, 5 or 10 hours.

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Your  Copywriting Cheat Sheet

Hard to believe right?

I’ll be frank with you, this cheat sheet will not turn you into an A- List copywriter. (A- List copywriters are not made overnight)

 No , what this does is injectthe most important and copywriting concepts and strategies into your head. So in less than a day , you'll discover the MOST potent copywriting secrets most people miss.

So not only will YOU start crafting sales letters , you'll also be building your copywriting skill on a SOLID and UNSHAKABLE  foundation.

Now Here’s How I Compiled These "Copywriting Secrets" Into a Simple and Single "Cheat Sheet"

My name is Mk Akan.

mk akan

 I am a marketer and copywriter who helps other marketers make money.

My copywriting quest began back in 2011, after I realised I needed a sales page to sell my products and services.

I began studying everything I could find on copywriting. From all the classic old school books of copywriting to secrets of the new masters.

I read books and articles. Watched videos and listened to countless interviews of top copywriters. I search the internet for out of print books and rare recordings about anything related to copywriting.

 I downloaded and dissected old adverts and anything recommended by other copywriters.

As you read this, I have a hefty folder on my hard drive filled with POWERFUL copywriting materials, videos, audio and secrets I studied over the years.

That Folder Is Over 4.4 Gigs Big

copy resource proof

 And this folder grows daily because my learning never stops. My appetite for learning everything related to copywriting grows daily.  I add new resources, tips, videos and anything useful to the folder.  

Out of these secrets scattered in this special copywriting folder, I have compiled the most important resources that will take you, step by step, from a newbie, to someone who can craft a good sales page that generates sales.

I Have Personally Never Seen Anything Like This Done For Newbie Copywriters.

This Cheat Sheet helps you avoid wasting time, and points you to the important things you need to know about writing copy. 

You will discover all the most powerful copywriting secrets in less than 24 hours.

I call this Copywriting Cheat Sheet...

copy cheat sheet

A Copywriting Cheat Sheet That Reveals The Secrets Strategies Of Writing Winning Sales Letters And All Kinds Of Sales Messages.

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Here are some secrets you’ll discover from this cheat sheet

1.    What to do before even writing a single word of copy (most people think copywriting is just about writing, well that’s not the whole truth. See what to do inside )

2.    Why 1 , is the most important numbers in copywriting and how you can use it to craft simple sales letters that sells like HOT cake)

3.    How to craft killer headlines for sale letters using simple ideas and strategies

4.    2 important things you MUST consider before writing a single headline (people who don’t take this step fail and wonder why their wonderful looking headlines fail to generate sales)

5.    How to transform a boring headline into a magnetic , attention pulling headline in 5 minutes or less

6.    Simple tools and websites that helps you write better and generate more sales

7.     What to write in the body of your sales letter that ensures more people buy whatever you sell

8.    The best blogs and websites any serious person MUST read to get good with copywriting (some of these websites and resources are not popular. So most people don;t know abou them)

9.    How to improve your copywriting skills and knowledge daily

10.    The easiest ways to craft copywriting bullets that shoots down doubts , elevates interest and almost forces readers to BUY whatever you sell

11.   How to apply the "secret techniques of HOLLYWOOD storytelling" to write compelling sales letters

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Your  Copywriting Cheat Sheet

12.     The most recommended and POWERFUL paid trainings created by the masters of copywriting ( these resources will push your copywriting skills to the limit. You will get so GOOOD...people will beg you (with crazy sums) to write copy for them)

13.   What to do after you write the first draft of your sales letter and how to do it

14.   Proven headline formulas and templates that generates multiple magnetic headlines and saves you from toiling for hours

15.    Over 17 copywriting formulas that eliminates delays and helps you craft POWERFUL sales letters in minutes

16.     Common mistake people make when writing copy and how to eliminate them

17.     How being dumb and stupid can help write better copy and sales letters (This shocked me too)

18.       Easy to understand video case studies by experts revealing “Secrets Details” (and hard to decipher tricks) of sales letters written by the masters. And how you can use these secrets to craft your own winning sales letter.

19.     Audio interviews with the most respected copywriters where they reveal their copywriting secrets and how you can apply them to your own writing

20.     How to ETHICALLY swipe old salesletters written by master copywriters to craft your own high converting sales letters

 And many more.

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Your  Copywriting Cheat Sheet

You know, there's a tendency of thinking this cheat sheet is rubbish because it is bloody cheap.

Well, it's not.
It's this cheap for a few reasons.

1. It's a compilation of the best resources I discovered.(Not resources I created) So it won't be right to charge so high for it...(even though I could).

But make no mistake, this cheat sheet is SUPER valuable. That may sound bias but it's all true.
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Download it NOW and start using these secrets.
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Download Your  Copywriting Cheat Sheet

 And if you don't like the cheat sheet for any reason, just ask for your money back. I'll send it to you.

    Mk Akan
PS-If you want to discover POWERFUL copywriting secrets , without spending years and months , and without spending lots of cash, grab this "cheat sheet"...FAST.

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